About me

Hi, thanks for finding me, and welcome to my blog. My name is Jelka, that’s pronounced Yel-kah, and I live in Berlin, Germany, together with my husband and our two cats. By day I work on making our cities healthier, resilient to climate change, and just. By night, I travel to worlds created in literary fiction, climate fiction, poetry, and mystery crime and sci-fi tv shows.

What you’ll find me doing here in my corner of the internet is contemplating on climate change and it’s connection to intersectional feminism and social justice, and books on all of the above. I’m interested in storytelling as a creative, emotional, and imaginary access to a serious, scientific, and frightening topic that often leaves us overwhelmed – but what are we humans, if not great tellers of stories that can either accompany our demise or instill hope and help us imagine an alternate future? A future so irresistible that we’ll even get the skeptic on board. Our future depends on how we talk about it today, says Eric Holthaus in his book The Future Earth (2020, out at Harper Collins).

You can follow my reading process on instagram via #TheClimateReader. If you want to get it touch you’ll find me there on @rich.in.books, or send an email: theclimatereader(at)gmail.com. Looking forward to connect with you!